Nora Ampova

Go Art Yourself: Truffle choco marashmallow imperial stout

Go Art Yourself

Welcome to “Go Art Yourself” – an innovative and collaborative project by Cohones Brewery that combines the art of craft beer making with the creativity of Bulgarian visual artists. Our mission is to promote local artists and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Each label feature the unique and inspiring work of every one of them. From the recipes of our beers to the messages we send to our audience, “Go Art Yourself” is an immersive experience that celebrates the courage to express oneself and make a mark on our society.

Through this project, we aim to support and promote the arts in Bulgaria, while providing beer enthusiasts with an exciting and inspiring taste experience. Join us on this journey as we push our society towards change and inspire good taste.


Nora Ampova

Nora Ampova (born 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a visual artist, based betwen Geneva(CH) and Sofia(BG). Her art is open and social, often infused with humour and irony. Nora graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia with a Masters in Fine Arts 2014 and has a post-graduate specialisation in the UK (2011).

Go Art Yourself: Truffle choco marashmallow imperial stout

Truffle choco marashmallow imperial stout

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