Go Art Yourself

Celebrate Bulgarian art and beers

Welcome to “Go Art Yourself” – an innovative and collaborative project by Cohones Brewery that combines the art of craft beer making with the creativity of Bulgarian visual artists. Our mission is to promote local artists and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Each label feature the unique and inspiring work of every one of them. From the recipes of our beers to the messages we send to our audience, “Go Art Yourself” is an immersive experience that celebrates the courage to express oneself and make a mark on our society.

Through this project, we aim to support and promote the arts in Bulgaria, while providing beer enthusiasts with an exciting and inspiring taste experience. Join us on this journey as we push our society towards change and inspire good taste.


Nora Ampova

Nora Ampova (b.1989) is an artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The frequent travels and life change that the author has been going through in recent years have set the direction of the themes in her artworks. Nora shares her personal and often surreal world, in which the viewers have the opportunity to find and recognize themselves.


Truffle choco marashmallow imperial stout

Destructive Creation

Destructive Creation is a Bulgarian group of anonymous activists dealing with urban art. They carry out actions, especially illegal ones, in which they change the urban environment in order to send social and political messages or simply to improve the environment for the benefit of the people. The group became popular in 2011 – repainting the soldiers from the monument of the Soviet army in Sofia as American comic book characters. The intervention, which became known as In Step with the times, attracts public attention in Bulgaria and around the world.


Double NEIPA with passionfruit and peach

Zhana Mitkova

Meet the talented artist, Zhana Mitkova (@jeannelefthand), a creative soul and illustrator hailing from Sofia, where she weaves magic through her art. With a passion for visual art that runs deep, Zhana ventured into the world of illustration a few years back and hasn't looked back since. But it's not just about drawing for her; it's a journey of exploring the human experience and finding the perfect harmony between the inner and outer realms. Her work has caught the attention of big names like FineActs, Brand Nu Studio, Villa Velis, and her art has graced prestigious exhibitions like "Made in Leshten," "FIG 2 | My Head Is a Photodump," and "[mer]mory exhibition and experiences." Prepare to be captivated by Жана's masterful strokes and captivating storytelling as she unravels the beauty and mysteries of life through her illustrations!

Zhana Mitkova: Go Art Yourself

TDH Session Neipa


Kokimoto is the natural continuation of Kaloyan Iliev and does not exclude him but complements him. It is a summarizing name and a characteristic image of an artist who leaves behind a body of work that challenges all definitions and eludes any qualifications. Moreover, through it, I aim to free myself from the narrow-mindedness, hypocrisy, delusions, complexes, and hatred so characteristic of today's society. It is not perfect and never will be, and despite my own issues, I strive to create a better reality through my work and everything associated with it. In this way, on the border of kitsch and the cult of idols, I expose my own personality. Through the message and drama of the embodied idea, the image created by me becomes a style that erases the differences between man and woman, human and animal, religion, and identity. And once touched by it, one loses oneself in the ironic, critique-realistic, and impractical world of Kokimoto, to find oneself.


Fruited Smoothie Sour