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The Central European Startup Awards 2020

The Idea! Sleepless nights. Missed parties. Passion. Disappointment. We can do it! Triumph. Yes, we did it!

We, the entrepreneurs, are a strange breed of people. What differentiates us from the rest of the dreamers is that we make things happen. And when the others hard work to celebrate the Party-Fridays, we work hard even during weekends.

Together with the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO) we have decided to dedicate the Cohones Balls & Hearts edition to those who hit the challenging role of the entrepreneurship. 


The Central European Startup Awards 2020 will honor the 40 most successful startup finalists of Bulgaria. 10 of them will be announced THE BEST in their category. All the finalists will represent the Bulgarian startup community at the regional finals competing with the best startups from 9 CEE countries.

Here you will find out more about the people, the innovative ideas and the disruptive strategies behind the most successful entities of the Bulgarian startup community.

Don’t forget, each time when you scan the QR code of the B&H Start it UP Session IPA, you will be able to read an interview with one of the 40 finalists.


Study Hub

StudyHub is the first co-studying space in Studentski grad, which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. An innovative place where university students can study, work on group projects, and attend various events related to their studies.




Campus X

Campus X is a leading provider of flexible serviced offices and an end-to-end ecosystem where great companies give life to innovative ideas and accelerate on their path to success.





Cintelly is a simple to use and understand tool for monitoring the health of online stores by keeping track of their costumer flow. It shows online stores whether they are building loyalty with their customers or losing their most valuable ones.





Develiot creates digital tools that allow water supply companies of all sizes to adapt to water stress and reduce water losses.




Endeavor Bulgaria

Dare to Scale is an industry agnostic accelerator for entrepreneurs who need the mentorship and network to scale their already profitable businesses. The program is aimed at nurturing local scale-ups in their quest to become globally competitive, growth-oriented, and resilient businesses.





Iuvo strives to deliver superior experiences for investors through its wide listed credit portfolio by trustful originators and outstanding platform simplicity. It gives numerous opportunities for progressive investing and freedom of choice while focusing on constantly accelerating customer experience, high investment returns, and security.





LAM’ON is a biodegradable and suitable for composting laminating film. It offers the same results as the currently used ones and even using the same machinery. What makes it stand out is it’s composting properties of both film and glue.





Get the weather forecast with Meteo.Rocks – a network of completely autonomous meteorological stations in Bulgaria.





SOHO is that cozy creative coworking space that you’ve been dreaming about while wondering how to combine your work duties with your social life and cultural and entertainment enrichment.





Phyre makes payments and money transfers faster and easy to track. With phyre, you can tap your phone to pay at any contactless payment terminal with all of your payment cards, send and receive money for free, store all your payment and loyalty cards.





REINNO is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization, lending and investing with a focus on providing liquidity.





BY FAR is one of the most coveted fashion brands in the last few years loved by style icons such as Hadid sisters, Michel Obama, Beyonce, Hailey Bieber and many more worldwide.




Cheese the Queen

Cheese the Queen’s products are delicious expressions of unique artisanal fermented 100%-cashew infused gourmet while inspiring a healthier, conscious lifestyle. A plethora of sensory delight, an expression of your intricate taste buds, it’s a way of life!





CodeCoda is an innovative global IT and BPO services, solutions and Advanced Software Development provider.


DEV.BG is the main hub for IT events and tech user groups in Bulgaria, providing an excellent platform for IT professionals to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

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DigitalKidZ is an initiative of the foundation “DigitalKidZ” to support the digital education of the modern kids, adults, and teacher by providing the full-spectrum of solutions, incl. teaching digital tools, curriculum, mentorship program, network and conference for the parents, digital and non-digital learning tools for the students, following their emotional development and skill through the different physical age stages.




Founder Institude

The Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 180+ cities and 65+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to empower talented and motivated people to build impactful technology-enabled companies worldwide.


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LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures is a Seed and Series A VC Fund, based in Sofia and investing in digital startups in the wider Southeastern Europe region. The fund’s portfolio companies are in the fields of SaaS, Enterprise Software, Health-tech, E-commerce, Mobile, IoT, but its investments are not limited only in these verticals.





LogSentinel is an information security company that keeps critical data safe at scale, thus effectively preventing data breaches.




Neo venture

Neo Ventures is the first open-ended investment company with entrepreneurial capital, based in Eastern Europe. The company invests in early and later stage game-changing businesses, without geographic limitations.

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Payhawk is the financial system of tomorrow that combines credit cards, payments, expenses, cash management, and pre-accounting into one integrated experience to give you maximum control and visibility over your business spend.

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ProsFit Technologies JSC

A key motivation for the ProsFit team is building the capability to accommodate the increasing number of amputees, at the same time dramatically improving their experience.

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QuarkXR provides the infrastructure that bridges powerful Cloud computing with immersive (AR/VR) devices on the edge.




Network premium

The community is gathered by Emil Shekerdzhiiski and Trifon Mihaylov united by one mission: Developing a high-performance environment where entrepreneurship and innovation thrive.




Visa Innovation Program

Bringing to life the collective power of Visa’s tech infrastructure, global network and fintech expertise and Eleven’s resources and know-how in scaling startups to nourish the development and unlock the potential of fintech startup talent in transforming the way how we pay and get paid.

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Worddio Vocabulary Builder

The Worddio app is designed specifically for people learning a foreign language and combines the most effective methods to quickly learn new words.

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Work & Share

Work & Share is a co-working space based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its mission is to create a sustainable, yet dynamic, creative and productive environment of likeminded professionals. Bringing under one roof corporations, startups and freelancers, the company aim to interconnect them, to foster fruitful dialogues and to develop a collaborative culture of sharing and mutual help.

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